Pond Cleaning Services

Do you have a pond or water feature that’s looking tired smelly and is generally not very nice. Is it overstocked with plants. Is it more silt than water? Or has it become too much to manage?

If your answer is yes to any of the above! Give Aquajoy a call. We offer a friendly service to help with any pond cleaning enquiry.

Aquajoy offer a full pond draining and cleaning service for all water features, ponds and koi ponds.

Pond cleaning is a necessary process when keeping a natural, fish, lilly or koi pond. The build up of waste and detritus from plants, fish and wildlife etc is unavoidable, especially if the feature is left to its own devices. A pond eco-system generally requires a correct balance of plants, fish and filteration. The build up of waste can cause a variety of problems from water quality/clarity and harmful bacteria to fish health problems and disease. This is when a pond cleaning service becomes a necessity.

Aquajoy’s Pond cleaning service keep’s your pond in tip top condition allowing you to enjoy your water feature all year round. Aquajoy offer our cleaning service for any size of pond or water feature.

Pond Cleaning and Other Services

Aquajoy carefully store your fish in our specialist holding tanks during the duration of the project. Your fish are safely moved from the pond to the temporary home using suitable nets/koi socks, if required the temporary home is filtered or aerated.

  • Pond drained/ pond cleaned.
  • Water feature drained and cleaned.
  • We will save as much of the original water as possible to be recycled.
  • Setup of temporary tank.
  • Fish and wild life stored in a temporary home.
  • The liner will be power washed.
  • Plant foliage and debris will be removed from site.
  • Lights cleaned and bulbs changed.
  • Filters cleaned and serviced.
  • Ultra violet clarifier serviced.
  • Filter/fountain and waterfall pumps cleaned and serviced.
  • Fountain/waterfall/feature cleaned and serviced.
  • Leak investigations.
  • Treatments added
  • The pond will be recommissioned.
  • Fish health checks.
  • Water quality tests.
  • Plants trimmed and re-potted.
  • Pond refilled.
  • Leak repairs.

Pond Cleaning Examples

Here are a few examples from work we have completed.

If you would like an online pond cleaning estimate. Please call us or send us the pond length, width and depth.

Work carried out without any problems, staff polite, work well as a team and would certainly use or recommend them again.

The service provided was excellent and I am very pleased at how it now looks.

Very efficient, arrived on time and worked the whole time in horrible conditions – no break to achieve a brilliant result.

Contact us today, in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire,Sussex and surrounding areas to find out more about our pond and water garden services.